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Assistive Devices

The Technical Devices Program allows you to borrow a product for up to 2 weeks to determine if it is doable for you. We carry a selection of products from the Canadian Hearing Society that include amplified phones; TV listening system; personal amplifiers; masking devices for those with tinnitus; and an assortment of vibrating and/or visual alerting systems for the doorbell, alarm clock, and telephone. If you would like to borrow a device from our Technical Devices Program, contact the Society for an appointment.

Since 2013, the Society has been able to offer devices for sale through our proud partnership with the Canadian Hearing Society. You may browse the selection of products available at If you would like to order a device or need pricing information, contact the Society. Orders are sent out weekly. At this time, we can only accept cash, or cheque.

Staff are familiar with most devices and can make recommendations based on the information that you provide whether it be for personal use or public accessibility.

Disclaimer: Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians do not endorse any one product.