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Communication Classes

Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is the language used by Deaf people in Canada and the United States. It is not a visual representation of English on the hands. ASL has its own grammar, syntax, and rules of order like other spoken languages. Learning ASL takes time, commitment, and practice the same as learning any other language.  To advocate and show reconciliation to the Deaf Community’s cultural and linguistical experiences, the Society will support group and individual class teachings of ASL to Deaf instructors.  At this time, referrals are made to outside sources.

Businesses or organizations needing specialized communication vocabulary for their place of business may contact the Society to arrange for custom survival sign classes.

The Society from time to time may also offer vocabulary building classes to individuals with hearing loss or for those who have non-verbal clients or family members.

Note:  the Society does not provide ASL classes.



Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians offers Literacy Training in both a formal and informal setting to enhance reading and writing skills, computer skills, thinking and analytical skills, English upgrading, ASL upgrading, numeracy skills, and how to overcome communication and other accessibility barriers.

These skills will enable Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people in Cape Breton to have the opportunity to acquire and enhance the essential skills and knowledge necessary to ensure they have equality of opportunity and full access in their community to existing programs and services.



Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians offers a 6-week Communication Class. The classes address speechreading cues and hearing loss management including communicating with family, assistive devices, how we hear, understanding the audiogram, and problem solving. Hearing loss is no longer an aging issue so the course is open to all ages. The outcome of the course is to provide a social support network and resources to address hearing loss.

Hearing loss does not have to mean living in isolation with low self-esteem or withdrawing from community activities. This course will strengthen the individual so you will no longer have to hear “I’ll tell you later” or “Never mind. If you or someone you know have a hearing loss, take the first step and sign up for a class.

It all starts “hear”!