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Head Aid Bank

The Hearing Aid Bank is an application process for residents of Cape Breton in financial crisis who have exhausted all other means.

Once your application is accepted, you will receive one behind-the-ear hearing device. You are responsible for the cost of the ear mold / earpiece / tubing – approx. $125 and batteries. Batteries can be purchased at our office.

The Hearing Aid Bank relies on donations of behind-the-ear style hearing aids. To help us give back to the community, if you know anyone who has a hearing aid that is no longer in use, please consider making a donation to the Cape Breton Hearing Aid Bank so we can continue to provide Capers in need.

The Hearing Aid Bank program is currently funded in part by the United Way of Cape Breton.

If you would like a donation box at your place of business, contact Rosalind or Clare at 902-564-0003 or<.