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Our Members

Marg McLean has been a member of the society since its opening in 1991. Growing up she started her schooling at age 9 at the Halifax School for the Deaf. Being deaf since birth, Marg relies on interpreting services to communicate with the hearing community. She has been a loyal member to the society, winning the Sarah and Joseph Hines award for her volunteering commitment.

“I rely on the society for interpretation during my hospital appointments. If we didn’t have this service, I would have to wait for an interpreter to travel from Halifax for every appointment”.

– Marg MacLean

Lawrence moved to Cape Breton in 2003 from Kirkland Lake, Quebec. Deaf since the age of 3, he first learned about the society through a friend and quickly made use of our services. Lawrence has been a member for several years, and has benefited through our interpreting services and help with paperwork.

“Without the society, I would be very frustrated. I wouldn’t know what to do when I get my mail. I wouldn’t be able to read it”.

– Lawrence Bertin

Melina (left) and Purdy (right) Killam met when they started at the Halifax School for the Deaf. Melina has been deaf since birth, while Purdy became deaf after a severe vehicle accident at the age of 6. Both have been members of the society since its opening in 1991, making use of services such as interpreting, and help with phone calls and paperwork.

“Without an interpreter, our lives would be very difficult. We have no children to help us communicate with the hearing society so it would be very frustrating”.

– Melina & Purdy Killam

Anne was born in English Harbor West Fortune Bay, NFLD and moved to Cape Breton in 1968. She became deaf at the age of 9 ½ after an unfortunate case of the chickenpox and a high fever. Her husband, Leon (left) has been deaf since birth. They’ve heard about the society through word of mouth when it first opened 1991 and have been using our interpreting services ever since.

“We had scheduled an appointment with an optometrist and they cancelled our appointment once they found out an interpreter wasn’t available on that day. Having access to interpreters is a necessity for us.”

– Anne & Leon Martell

“We are always so proud of the society and thankful for the wonderful interpreting services”

– Anne Martell