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Our Impact

“I rely on the society for interpretation during my hospital appointments. If we didn’t have this service, I would have to wait for an interpreter to travel from Halifax for every appointment”.

– Marg MacLean

“Without the society, I would be very frustrated. I wouldn’t know what to do when I get my mail. I wouldn’t be able to read it”.

– Lawrence Bertin

“Without an interpreter, our lives would be very difficult. We have no children to help us communicate with the hearing society so it would be very frustrating”.

– Melina & Purdy Killam

“We are always so proud of the society and thankful for the wonderful interpreting services.”

– Anne & Leon Martell

“Can’t get over how much I can hear now.  I hear everything even my clothes rustling.  I hear things I didn’t know I couldn’t hear. This (hearing aid) is amazing.  Thank you so much.”

– SM