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Staff at the Society are both trained American Sign Language (ASL) / English Interpreters (St. Mary’s University Continuing Education, 1986) along with studying communication and hearing loss. They also both have received their Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University College of Cape Breton.

Rosalind Wright began working for the Society in Halifax in 1988 and has been working at the Cape Breton Society as the Regional Manager since its opening in 1991. Clare Le Blanc began interpreting for the Society in 1986. She accepted her current full time position as Community Advisor in 2008.

Among the programs and services offered, Rosalind and Clare provide a unique set of Outreach services to people who are Deaf and hard of Hearing which include but are not limited to the following:

Deaf Outreach:

  • Interpreting forms, and letters
  • Assistance / guidance with inclusion and systemic barriers
  • Cultural norms
  • Accessibility
  • In-home device assessment

Hard of Hearing Outreach:

  • Information and referral
  • Guidance
  • Communication skills
  • Tips and techniques
  • In-home device assessment