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Serene In-Line Handset/Headset Business Phone Amplifier (UA50)

Serene In-Line Handset/Headset Business Phone Amplifier (UA50)


Compatible with Serene UA50HS headset

Compatible with Plantronics H series headsets (plus 26716-01 QD to modular connection cord)

Compatible with Hello Direct or GN Netcom: GN2110-ST, GN2220 (All direct connect headsets with smart cord)

Compatible with ACS: OM (Orator) and ST (Stratus Ultra)

Compatible with UNEX: F-100 and OPT-2N

Amplifies incoming voices up to 170 times (45+dB)

Patented technology enables it to work with virtually all corded home or business telephones

High-Definition Sound (HDS) Technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static

Digital Tone Enhancement boosts and enriches the speech frequencies that you can't hear well, making difficult to hear words intelligible again

Automatic Volume Control optimizes sound level for superior listening comfort.

AC adapter included

Battery (9V) not included