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SN7014 Cordless Extension Ringer

SN7014 Cordless Extension Ringer


Super-loud extension ringer can be turned up to 90 decibels, making it easier for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals to know when the phone or doorbell is ringing

Adjustable siren volume lets you set the ringer volume according to your needs

Flashing LED visual alert lets you know whether the phone is ringing or if someone is at the door

Wall-mountable, so you can mount it in whichever room is most convenient for you

Carry the ringer extension with you to be even more sure that you'll hear every incoming call

Included AC power adapter lets you plug your ringer extension directly into the wall for wired connection

Accessory device only--requires the VTech CareLine SN5127 or SN5147 to operate (sold separately)